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Magos Extra B 4-Pack
Oferta Magos

Magos returns fresher than ever

A special trip made along the taste of simple meals, great moments and millions of gifts that won the preference of many other connoisseurs.

Our History

Magos Green Field Cocktail
Magos Green Field Cocktail

Magos Cocktails

Magos is not only a simple drink, we can also use it for magnificent cocktails.

Gather your friends and try our suggestions

Perfect for every moment

Perfect for every moment

Our Consumers

  • Super fresh!

    From the first time I tasted Magos that I loved the product. Super fresh, especially when combined in a large glass with ice and lemon, it looks spectacular!

    Tiago Carneiro

  • Success here at home.

    I didn’t know Magos at all, but I found these individual doses spectacular. On a daily basis or at a party, it has been a success here at home.

    Diana Mello

  • Simply spectacular!

    Since I tried Magos I always have it at home for any simple moment or simply spectacular cocktails

    Nuno Portugal

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